PT Trustees have developed proprietary data management software tools that enable us to track and verify all Trust and Escrow funds at a granular level.

Our suite of tools enables us to provide a great service to our clients, minimising their workload and responsibilities.

Amongst others, our software tools include the use of Open banking for bank reconciliation reporting. Using Open banking helps to promote greater financial transparency and encourages innovation.

The integration of Power BI, bespoke reporting capabilities, and Dashboards enables the system to deliver a diverse array of insightful analysis of data.

Please contact us to find out more about our fantastic and unique client supporting technology, capable of serving a range of sectors with granular data.

Easy and secure integration between client systems and PT Trustees

PTT reports can show granular transaction level detail of the entries in their Trust or Escrow accounts

Cloud-based data storage provides assurance that data is securely held and backed up

Data can be captured by PT Trustees in real time, giving clients a clear view of their current Trust or Escrow account status

Automated audit function provides assurance that releases are made in line with the Trust and Escrow business rules

Customisable reports and dashboard to meet client specific needs