Q&A session related to our Travel and Non-Travel Trust webinar.

Webinar by Sudheer K Sharma, Director of PT Trustees Ltd on Travel and Non-Travel Trusts.

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ABTOT Introduces Hybrid Escrow Accounts and Bonding Initiative

PT Trustees are pleased to confirm that we are working in partnership with ABTOT, and that our Trust and Escrow arrangements have been accepted by the ABTOT ATOL franchise.

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Adoption of trust arrangements should be ‘relatively simple’, says PT Trustees director

A leading provider of trust arrangements to travel businesses has criticised the level of understanding of trusts in the industry, insisting their adoption could be “relatively simple”.

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The latest update on the CAA ATOL reforms and PT Trustees views on the subject and support for Hybrid Trusts:

ATOL Reform: Assessment of funding arrangements and the protection of customer money

PTT Response

PT Trustees LTD Non-Flight Trust and Escrow

PTT’s Submission Package Travel Legislation.

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There is no reason to fear trust accounts

PT Trustees director Sudheer Sharma says objections to CAA plans to segregate client money are unfounded