About Us

PT Trustees was founded in 2012 by Sudheer Sharma, FCA. Sudheer has extensive experience in the travel industry, particularly in respect of the effective management of trust accounts, a field he has specialised in since 2001.

We have grown over the last 10 years and now have a team of people experienced in managing a wide variety of Trust and Escrow accounts for our clients in the UK, Europe and Asia.

We provide independent and bespoke Trust and Escrow services for a variety of verticals with the objective to financially protect beneficiary and special purpose funds in line with the requirements of the respective Trust or Escrow arrangements.The Civil Aviation Authority (“CAA”) has approved us as a Travel Trustee and PTT complies with CAA’s requirements encompassing Corporate Governance, Quality of Staff, Systems and IT.

We manage the ATOL Trusts and Escrow for three of the eight Accredited Bodies and one major Franchise licensed by the CAA.  We also act for numerous other Travel, Non-Travel businesses, Non-Flight PTR and Acquirer encompassing airlines, flight seat providers, accommodation only and other related travel businesses.

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We believe that any product with deferred delivery can be protected through a Trust and Escrow model.

Our independent stewardship lends credibility to the robust protection structures that arise from such arrangements.  We maintain strong links with our clients, the CAA, major Banks, Merchant Acquirers, Brokers, Insurance intermediaries and Law Firms specialising in Travel and Non-Travel Trusts and Escrow.

Why Choose PTT as a Trustee?

  • With a proven track record and experienced Trust professionals, PTT  currently manages over £5bn per annum of Trust Funds for nearly 100 clients.
  • PTT’s unrivalled knowledge and experience of the complexities of the Travel industry and Travel Trusts enables it to guide clients through the practical aspects of operating Trusts and assist them to comply with their Regulatory and Business obligations.
  • PTT is independent and provides trustworthy, seamless and effective Trustee and Escrow services. We provide in depth advice and ensure the highest quality protection for Consumer Funds.
  • PTT’s bespoke software system provides leading edge and AI enabled tailored solutions that manage client data at a granular level, minimising client’s workload, whilst assessing and reporting risk to clients and stakeholders.

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