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PT Trustees Limited

PT Trustees Limited have extensive experience in the development and management of independent, bespoke, Trust and Escrow accounts.

We offer tailored solutions for the Travel, Retail, Entertainment and other sectors and have developed unique software solutions to track and manage Trust and Escrow funds and data.

With over 20 years’ experience, our team based in the UK, the Czech Republic, Mauritius and India have the experience to manage a wide variety of Trust and Escrow accounts for our clients.

Our solutions are data-led and provide granularity of insight to our clients and their operations.

Exciting news! PTT are pleased to announce a new hybrid product with the collaboration of ABTOT

ABTOT Introduces Hybrid Escrow Accounts and Bonding Initiative

PT Trustees are pleased to confirm that we are working in partnership with ABTOT, and that our Trust and Escrow arrangements have been accepted by the ABTOT ATOL franchise.

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Tailored Trust and Escrow solutions for the Travel, Retail Entertainment and other sectors

Highly experienced team focused on delivering outstanding customer service

Software tools to track and verify Trust and Escrow funds at a granular level

Operations centred in London and Prague to support clients across Europe

Trust and Escrow Services


Webinar by Sudheer K Sharma, Director of PT Trustees Ltd on Travel and Non-Travel Trusts.

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PT Trustees LTD News Sudheer Sharma

There is no reason to fear trust accounts
PT Trustees director Sudheer Sharma says objections to CAA plans to segregate client money are unfounded

Q&A session related to our Travel and Non-Travel Trust webinar.


PTT are a pivotal partner to our company and our future growth strategy, which is testament to the robustness of their product and is in no small part down to the commitment and professionalism of the PTT Team.

Since working with PTT we have built up a trusted and professional relationship with the whole team. They have always been very accommodating, polite and professional, especially with some of our largest clients in the current COVID pandemic. It has been a pleasure working with PTT and looking forward to continuing into the future.

The team at PT Trustees Ltd are very professional and conduct themselves in a positive and friendly manner. The team have a long history of operating Trust Accounts and hold good relationships with the CAA and Banks

PTT have proven to deliver the highest level of professional services during a challenging COVID period involving complex problem solving.

Our relationship with the trust, and the safeguarding of our largest enterprise clients, has helped to forge strong relationships and has set the benchmark over other trust partners. Communication has been first class throughout and the team have always accommodated client calls to offer their professional advice and assurances.